Our 2019 Tailgate Schedule is Now Posted..
New York Giants / New York Jets

August 13, 2019

Please Read:  

Big things happening with the FanVan this Season..

The prices for our tailgate have been pretty much the same for the last 10 years.  After much deliberation and upgrades that we plan on implementing this year, we will be raising prices of our tailgates from $40 to $50 pp.  That price will now include UNLIMITED beer and liquor.  Yes, All INCLUSIVE.

Beat our price increase.  Purchase any tailgate ticket for any or all games this season, and pay our old price of just $40 pp.  After Sunday August 18, 2019, our price will increase to $50 pp for 4 hours of pre-game tailgating.  

If you have any other questions, or have already purchased tickets to one of our tailgates, no worries, you're automatically upgraded.


Our Story:

The Fanvan Party Bus's maiden voyage was back in 2009 for the last few games at the original stadium.  The bus was purchased from a decommissioned fleet of municipal buses from a township in Delaware and it was going to be used as a transport vehicle for just a few friends to get to and from the stadium.  We ripped it apart and put it back together from top to bottom, added 6 TV's, a stereo system, a massive power inverter system and turned into the tailgate machine that it has evolved into today.
We started bringing it to each and every Giants game and watched as everyone around us, including ourselves would setup and breakdown a tailgate each and every week.  It was then I realized there was a need for a service to provide the "tailgate" experience to our local fans, and somewhere around 2010 the FanVan Party Bus was born.
Back in 2012 a friend who was a die hard NY Jets fan asked if we would bring the bus to a Jets game and we did.  We saw that the need for a "tailgate" experience also existed for Jets fans, thus, our FanVan Party Bus Jets tailgates began.
We would be approached weekly from fans from around the world asking us if we were "opposing team friendly".  Another concept was born, and we became a "Friendly Space" for opposing teams to come and enjoy our NY/NJ Hospitality.  We try to cater our specialty menu items to our opposing fan base.  Opposing team fans are very welcomed at our tailgates.
I couldn't keep up with the wide variety and variations of music, If I was playing country, someone wanted rap, if I was playing rap, they wanted rock, etc.  Thus our DJ Concept evolved.  Each and every week you are entertained by one of our kick A$$ DJ's, Chopper Bob, DJ Tara, DJ Chef, DJ MC Rican or DJ Eclipse.
People would ask me every week if we had anything "healthy".  Do you have gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.  Alas, another concept was born.  We have a wide variety of Vegetarian & Vegan items that are specially prepared with  your health in mind on our menu each and every week.
Let us NOT forget about our shirtless WORM who braves the weather and brings smiles to faces from around the world..
We are here at Metlife Stadium 16+ weeks a year, in the rain, sleet, hail, snow and frozen tundra supporting our NY Giants and NY Jets Football teams, and providing you, the football fan, with a very unique experience that can be only be found at the G-Spot.  (New G-Spot Location L-18)
We are innovators, NOT imitators.
We are your FANVAN Party Bus.  We Bring The Party!
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Did you Know?
The Fanvan Party Bus has a Cell Phone Charging Station
FREE for anyones use?
Latest News

Our 2019 season is upon us and we're all set with a newly redesigned electrical and lighting system on the Fanvan and a newly designed website making it easier than ever to see what's happening for each and every game.  We've also streamlined and computerized our check-in process to breeze you right into the party..

Remember, our tailgates are designed towards our opposing teams and please know that you are MORE than welcomed to join us before each and every game.

Anyone who purchases a tailgate ticket in advance from our website will be entered into a drawing to win anything from a team Jersey, football, autographed memorabilia,  t-shirts, etc.. (held each game day)




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