Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Jets

***6 televisions with the DIRECTV NFL Sunday ticket so you never miss a game $40pp if you meet us at the stadium
***A kick ass sound system and DJ Chopper BOB or DJ Tara taking requests  
***A different selection of scrumptious themed hot and cold tailgate food each and every week... Military, Fire, Police Discounts
Other Discounts Available Just ask!
***FREE BEER for all paid tailgaters  
***AND MORE.. please see our Facebook page for details and photos for all of our events... *** Pricing includes up to 4 hours of tailgating prior to  and until start of each scheduled game, and 1 hour after each game.  For those not going into the game and wishing to stay with the bus to watch the game and continue the party, there will be an additional $20pp charge for the additional 3 hours of tailgating at the bus.
***All above subject to possibly change each week for the better, or worse due to weather or unforeseen circumstances

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